Pizza Suicide TV

Pizza Suicide TV is an independent, itinerant TV station operating internationally since 2015. Behind it are Nemesis and the Pizza Suicide Club.


Street Tapes #1 NEW SHOW where we share the best video tapes we find in the streets. Episode one is a promotional tape for a course from the spanish unemployment office to train kids into traditional regional activities animators.
Heads Radio Balance Flu + PSCTV Corona essentials
Smell The Love Gameshow part of the PSCTV Post-Valentines Alone Forever Love Special held at West Germany venue 15th of Feb 2020
The Post Valentine Forever Alone Special - we start the season with a bang, in a massive show at West Germany, Berlin, gathering our favorite artists around including Umlaut, Peter Rickert, Umlaut, Lady Gaby, Novoline, Pictorial Candi and Senhor Fahrenheit, just before everything closed down and all the parties were put in the freezer for who knows how long.
FLAM Easter Party Remember when we went to places with loud music and smoke machines and got our bodies together to sweat and dance our troubles away? Do you even remember what those troubles were?
Johannes B├╝geleisen live at PSCTV 2019 Christmas Special A hightlight from last year's West Germany Special
Octavio Garabello live at PSCTV 2019 Christmas SpecialAnother musical hightlight from last seasons special
Bolivia Newton JohnHarmony Cheyenne Flynn Molina is BOlivia Newton John. At Rubbish Fairy's studio in
Bathroom Rave all episodes of the Bathroom Rave series
A Saturday in Neuk├Âlln on April 12th of 2014 Live from the Sozialladen.
First PSC TV live transmission from Sameheads' magical basement on May 9th 2014